National Informatics Centre (NIC)
NIC , Mumbai Suburban District Centre 
Computerisation work  at Mumbai Suburban District by NIC

National informatics Centre(NIC)
Ministry of Communication & Information Technology,
Government of India


National Informatics Center a high priority plan project was set up with a long-term objective of setting up a computer-based informatics networks for decision support to Government/ Ministries/ Department and development and of databases programs. NIC awareness in promoting and systemizing the data collection, organization, processing and its on-line accessibility. 

From 1985-86 NIC has extended its informatics support services to state and District and Administrations and signed Memoranda of understanding with all the State Government/UT’s of the Union of Indies.

NIC has been made the nodal S& T organization of the Government of the India under the Ministry of information technology to introduce information technology tools for executive support system (EGS) development and distributed databases  expert system, electronic mail services and 450 District administration through its satellite based information communication network (NICNET).

 Primary Infrastructure

 NIC has all India organization infrastructure with more than 4,000 personnel. 

The organizational set-up of NIC is: 

Headquarters                                         -            New Delhi
            Regional Headquarters
                 Northern- Region                          -             New Delhi
                    Western- Region                           -             Pune
                    Southern- Region                          -             Hyderabad
                    Eastern –Region                            -             Bhubaneshwar

State & District Centers:

NIC has State Computer Centre in every State with State Informatics Officer as an In-charge. These NIC State Computer Centers are located in respective State capital/Union territory of India. NIC has a District Computer Centre in  every district  all over the country with District Informatics Officer as an In-charge. These NIC District Computer Centers are attached to the District Collector. 

Adequate computing resources to cater to the need of the Government departments at all levels of administration-central, state and district. This includes computer services to almost central Government ministries in New Delhi, State Government department –organizations.

National Informatics Center (NIC), constituted by the Government at all levels of its hierarchy such as the Central Government, State Government and District Administrations, has set up a nationwide satellite based computer communication network called “NICNET”. NICNET in its present configuration connects all Central Government Departments/State Government Secretariats, District Administration Headquarters and some public sector organizations in an a single integrated network. In parallel with setting up infrastructure, NIC has developed a large number of informatics services for almost all sectors of the Government such as economy, industry, etc. Many of this service make extensive use of NICNET resulting in timely, efficient and reliable flow of information at different levels in the Government hierarchy.

National Informatics Center (NIC) recently embarked on the ambitious project “Collectorate 2000” at State level. As a first step the State center located Udyohg Bhawan, Ganesh Khind Road, Pune is releasing the CD containing 12 applications, which will automate day to day working of collectorates.

These applications support Devanagari script under Window platform with GUI interface. User manuals are available on CD. These applications run on stand alone PC and also ensure seamless migration to LAN and web based platforms. NIC is committed to support these applications through is District Centers in every Collectorate in the state.

NIC , Mumbai Suburban District Centre 

The NIC, Mumbai Suburban District Centre is located in the premises of Collectorate, Mumbai Suburban District  at 10th Floor, Administrative Building, Bandra(E), Mumbai- 51. 

Staff  at NIC, Mumbai Suburban District Centre

District Informatics Officer (DIO) -  Smt.  C. Mamta Gopal , Scientist 'D'
District Informatics Associate (DIA) - Shri. Mahesh Chittekar

The NIC , District centre is  providing technical support and guidance to the Collectorate  in implementation of computerisation and create socio-economic database in the district. Also providing the NICNET & MAHANET services for data transmission, email etc  from District to Mantralaya, Mumbai and vice versa.

Apart from the technical assistance provided to the District Collectorate,  NIC Mumbai Suburban District Centre is also extending its technical support to various Central & State Government Offices located in the vicinity of the District Office. With the coordination and technical help of NIC Mumbai Suburban District Centre, the Govt. offices located in the District Office Building like Directorate of Languages, Directorate of Economics & Statistics , Commissioner of Fisheries, Additional Collector (Encroachment & Removal) Western Suburbs, Additional Collector (Urban Land Ceiling) are now connected on Local Area Network and availing the facility of Internet & e-mail Access on  MAHANET.

Computerisation work  at Mumbai Suburban District by NIC