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About City Survey & Property Registration Card
City Survey Offices and their Jurisdiction
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City Survey and Property Registration Card

The City Survey of Mumbai Suburban District has been carried out during the period 1963-67.
The City Survey Record is prepared for all the villages in Mumbai Suburban District.
The City Survey record for each individual parcel of land has been created and given a particular number which is known as City Survey number. A property card for each City Survey number is also prepared. The P.R.C. it self contains the following details.

Property Card
 Village    Taluka    District Mumbai Suburban District
 CTS No..  Area  Tenure  Particulars of assessment or rent paid to Government and when due for revision  
 Holder in origin of the title (so far as traced)    
 Other encumbrances    
 Other remarks    
Date Transaction Volume No. New Holder (H)
Lessee (L) or
Encumbrances (E)
1 2 3 4 5

The names of the Holders are only incorporated if the property is non-agricultural. If the property is agricultural, only tenure is mentioned as agricultural in P.R.C. When the property is converted to N.A. the holder name can be incorporated in the P.R. card after producing necessary documents by the Applicant (Property Holder), N.A. measurement of Plot and following due procedure for the same.
The maps of City Survey are prepared in 1:500 scale.

City Survey Offices and their Jurisdiction

In Mumbai Suburban District, there are three Talukas viz. Kurla, Andheri and Borivali. Total 86 villages are in Mumbai Suburban District. City Survey of these 86 villages were done by 10 city survey offices. The Jurisdiction of Each City Survey Office is as given below:

Taluka Kurla
CTSO Mulund CTSO Ghatkopar CTSO Chembur CTSO Kurla
Kopari Asalpha Anik Kurla
Kanjur Kirol Chembur Mohili
Tirandaj Ghatkopar Turbhe Saki
Nahur Ghatkopar-Kirol Borla  
Pawai Chandivali Mankhurd  
Paspoli Tungao Maravali  
Bhandup Deonar Mandale  
Mulund Vikroli Vadhavali  
  Hariyali Mahul  

Taluka Andheri
CTSO Andheri CTSO Bandra CTSO Vile-Parle
Andheri Bandra Vile-Parle
Ismalia Parighakhar Gundavali
Ambivali Kole-Kalyan Kondivata
Bandivali   Bapnala
Madh   Chakala
Majas   Juhu
Mogara   Bramhanwada
Versova   Parjapur
Oshivara   Marol

Taluka Borivali
CTSO Borivali CTSO Goregaon CTSO Malad
Borivali Aksa Aarey
Kandivali Akurli Kurar
Eksar Erangal Klerabad
Dahisar Daravali Goregaon
Gorai Pahari-Eksar Gundgaon
Manori Pahari-Goregaon Chichavali
Magathane Poisar Tulsi
Mandpeshvar Malavani Dindoshi
Shimpoli Marve Sai
Charkop Valanai Malad
Kanheri Wadhavan  

Along with the above CTSO’s there is an independent Office of the Taluka Inspector of Land Records, Mumbai Suburban District. The Superintendent of Land Records is the controlling authority of all the CTSO’s and the Taluka Inspector of Land Records. The Land Records Directory contains CTSO Designation, addresses and Office Phone Nos.

Office Procedure & Functions

Procedure Functions
Superintendent of Land Record

The Superintendent of Land Record is the controlling authority of all City Survey Offices.
The Superintendent of Land Record Office carry out following functions:-
   1. Administrative/Executive
   2. Technical

1. Administrative/Executive :-

a) Supervisory and controlling authority of all City Survey Officers.
b) The Superitentadent of Land Records is an adviser to the Collector in all matters connected with land records,     measurement work & the Maintenance of record of rights.
c) Co-ordinating authority between the Collector/ Dy. Director & CTSO’s.

2. Technical :-

Proposals pertaining to boundary correction, area correction etc., are being submitted to the Collector with his due advisory remarks. Also he issue certified copies of property card - Area in words as per the applicant’s application by verification of the original records. Also he directs the City Survey Officers to issue copies of original records such as inquiry register, original sheets, on the application of the applicant.

City Survey Officer

There are Ten City Survey Officers in Mumbai Suburban District. They have to perform the following functions in their respective jurisdiction.

1. Administrative/Executive
2. Technical/Legal

1. Administrative/Executive :-

City Survey Officer is the Head of Office & D.D.O. He has to perform day-to-day establishment work, draw pay & allowance of staff and implement all the orders passed by higher authorities viz. The Collector & The Superintendent of Land Record

2) Technical/Legal

a) Maintenance of land records & record of rights
b) Carry out different types of measurement work.
c) Transfer of ownership rights.
d) Issue certified copies of public documents of land records.
e) Implementation of town planning scheme.
f) Detection of encroachments on Govt. Land.
g) Detection of change of use & unauthorized N.A. use.
h) Updating of V.F.II.
i) By way of review with the assistance of Maintenance Surveyor has to inspect the properties & update the record by recording the changes in map.(Sub-division, Road Widening, New Buildings, Utility Services.)
j) Submits the report relating to any land matter, (Govt. Land / Pvt. Land) as required by higher authorities.

Issue of certified copies of Land Records

Certified copies of PRC, City Survey Map, Sheet, Abstract enquiry register, Orders etc, are issued by the signature of concern City Survey Officer on the application made by the applicant & after depositing prescribed coping charges.


The applicants have to make an application in prescribed form. He have to affix Rs.5/- Court Fee Stamp on the application Form. He should mention details such as Name of Village, CTS No. Name of the required document. He may submit a manuscript or typed application in the following format.

Specimen Format of Application

For Office Use

The City Survey Officer ................

Name of applicant: -............................................

Full Address: -....................................................


Sub:- Issue of certified copy of .................................................

I the undersigned request you & humbly submit that issue me certified copies of
Village .................. Taluka.................District...................... Details of required document is as below

Sr. No. Particular CTS No. No. of copies Remarks





Property Card


Order No. & dtd.......



The above said copies requires for my Personal/ Private/ Govt/ Court/ BMC purpose. I am ready to pay the necessary government copying charges. Please issue me the copy at the earliest.

Yours Faithfully,

(Signature of Applicant)

The Rate of copying Charges are as below
   1) Each entry of property card    Rs.2/-
For Computer printouts Rs.2/-
2) Copy of map of one city survey No Rs.15/-
3) Abstract of Enquiry Registered per page Rs.6/-
4) Copy of order per page Rs.2/-
5) Copy of K.J.P per page Rs.2/-
6) Printed Sheet (As per size)  
a) 38 X 51 cm to 44.5 X 57.5 cm Rs.148/-
b) 51 X 76 cm to 63 X 102 cm Rs.183/-
c) 89 X 102 cm and above Rs.229/-

Procedure regarding issue of certified copies of "Area in words" by SLR

Applicant should mention in the application that he wants the copy of PRC in words & submit the application to the concerned CTSO Office after paying the necessary copying charges. Concerned maintenance surveyors prepare the copies of the property card & submits through a Head clerk or Shirestadar to City Survey Officer for the further detail verification. CTSOs verifies/check the copies of the property card on the strength of original record available in the office. Then the City Survey Officer submits application of the applicant along with the original survey/land record to the SLR’s Office for final certification. SLR by following due procedure verifies the copies & Certifies the copies. Later on these copies are forwarded to the concerned CTSO Office for final disposal.


The measurement of a parcel of land/ Plot is required for confirmation of boundaries, to submit the authorize plan to the BMC for building approval/ sub-divisional approval, Road widening, Acquisition, Different types of reservations for purpose of FSI & TDR, N.A. Measurement etc. The applicants have to make an application in prescribed form & have to affix Rs.5/- Court Fee Stamp on the application Form. He should mention details such as Name of Village, CTS No etc. as mentioned in the prescribed format. He Should submit the application along with necessary document & have to pay the measurement charges by cash if, the charges are below Rs.3000/- & by way of Challan if the charges exceeds Rs.3000/-. The prescribed measurement application form is as below.

The prescribed Application Form for Measurement
For Office Use
The City Survey Officer ___________________

1) Name of the applicant & address    
2) Details regarding the land to be Measured a) Name of the village  
    b) Taluka/District  
    c) Surevy No./ Hissa No.  
    d) C.T.S.No./ TPS. No/ Plot No.  
3) Name of the Occupant/ Holder    
4) If the applicant is not a holder or occupant then his relation with the land    
5) Reason of measurements    
6) Measurement fee willing to pay Ordinary/ Urgent/ Very Urgent  
  Whether fees paid by Challan or Cash? If yes, Challan/ Receipt No.  
7) The Details regarding the documents attached with the application form a) 7/12 extract/ PRC /Map
b) If sub-division measurement, order of sub-division
c) If N.A. Measurement, N.A order along with approved layout
8) Details regarding disputed portion of the land/ boundary to be de-mark    
9) Names & addresses of adjoining Holders    


(Signature of Applicant)

Measurement Charges

Measurements charges are prescribed vide Settlement Commissioner & Director of Land Records Circular No. LR/227/CR-3926/L-3/2001 Dated 30/10/2001 is as below.

  Ordinary Measurement  
A. Land (Agri, Non Agri. etc.) measurement – except City survey area.  
1 Each holders 1st hold Sur.No/ Gut No. Or 1st 4 Hissa/Plot but area not exceed 10 Hector are admt. Rs.500/-
2 Each adjoining extra Sur.No/ Gut No. Or each extra area up to 10 Hectors Limit. Rs.200/-
3 Each Adjoining Hissa or Plot but up to 10 Hector Area Limit. Rs.100/-
4 Extra Land which not adjoining to each extra sur.No./Gut No. Or Hissa/plot (up to 10 Hector Area limit) Rs.500/-
B. Measurement in the City Survey Limit:-  
1 Agri. Land in City Survey Limit. As per below)
2 Non Agri. Land Which in the City Survey Limit also located Gaothan properties. For each property Rs.1000/-
3 For each extra property Rs.500/-
4 For each Sub-division or Amalgamation Rs.500/-
C. Urgent and Very Urgent Measurement:-  
1 Rates of urgent measurement will be double of the ordinary measurement fee.  
2 Rates of the very urgent measurement will be triple of the ordinary measurement fee.  
D. Revisit Fee:-  
  If Measurement has been postponed as per the request of applicants. For each Re-visit -50% amount of the measurement charges paid at the time of submission of the application.  
E. Superior Test (Nimtana Measurement)  
  1) Rates of the Superior test will be the triple of mention rates mentioned in para A & B  
  2) The rates of Nimtana measurement to be carried out by Superintendent of Land Records against the Nimtana held by TILR/ CTSO are 5 times of the rates mentioned in para A & B The Nimtana measurement held by SLR is the Final Superior Test or Measurement.  
F. Court Commission/ Court Watap Cases  
  Measurement fees for these types of cases will be as per urgent measurement fee.  
G. Land Acquisition  
  Measurement fees for these types of cases will be as per urgent measurement fee.  

Time Limit for Measurement
The time limit for boundary fixation cases is as follows.
Sr.No. Type of the Measurement Time Limit
1. Ordinary 6 Months
2. Urgent 3 Months
3. Very Urgent 2 Months


The changes in ownership are made by the City Survey Officer in the Record Of Rights if the property's converted to non agricultural. The transfer of ownership occurs due to following reasons.

  1. By Registered sale deed, Gift deed, Lease deed, Mortgage deed, Court/Consent decree, Release deed
  2. By way Heir ship
  3. By way of Will
  4. Land Grant
  5. Land Acquisition


When the changes in ownership occurs due to Land Grant or Land Acquisition then there is no necessity of the individual to make an application to make the changes.
In other cases to take effect in the record of rights individual have to make an application to the City Survey Officer concerned by affixing Rs.5/- Court Fee stamp on the application form. Also the individual should have to submit the following documents with Application.

1.If changes occur due to transaction as mentioned in the above clause No.1 The following documents along with the application should be submitted.
    1.1 Certified copy of concerned registered deed
    1.2 Original Index II copy of the concerned registered deed.
    1.3 Certified copy of PRC issued within the period of 3 months.

2.If changes occur due to transaction as mentioned in the above clause No.2 The following documents along with the application should be submitted.
    2.1 Original death certificate of the deceased person issued by the competent authority.
   2.2 Affidavit cum Indemnity Bond of the applicant on Rs.100/- stamp paper stating the details of heirs of the deceased person.
    2.3 Certified copy of PRC issued within the period of 3 months

3.If deceased person had made a will of his self acquired property during his lifetime & the changes in record of rights are to be made as per the will, then probate is necessary in Mumbai Metropolitan city. (Provision as per Indian Succession Act U/s. 213) The applicant along with the probate should submit the document mentioned above in para 2.1 to 2.3. After the receipt of the application, the concerned applicant is called for verification of the documents. After verifying the documents if the application is found complete in all respect, notices of changes in record of rights (Ferfar/Mutation) under section 150 (2) of MLRC 1966 are served to the interested parties for clarification of the doubts/ objections if any, If no objections are received within the 15 days mandatory period the mutation entry is certified by the city survey officer. In case somebody has raised objection regarding the mutation entry the objection is registered in the disputed mutation entry register & later on calls all the concerns for recording their say & takes decision accordingly. If the applicant is not satisfied with the decision of city survey officer. Then he can submit the appeal before superintendent of land records.

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