• In the year 1734 Mumbai and its nearby area was under the control of Portuguese. Thereafter Mumbai Island (Bombay Island) was gifted to the Queen of England in the year about 1760-61. The Vashi creek is situated on the North side and Mahim Causeway is lying on the South side. On the western side, there is Arabian sea and on the eastern side, the boundary of Thane District. This administrative unit forms the limits of Bombay suburban District known as Salesette and was the part of Goa which was under the control of Portuguese up to 1771-72, the Britishers took over control of the region of this area.
  • In 1871, the Thane district was carved out of the east side of Konkan and Portion of Bombay Island then known as Taluka South Salesette.In year 1970, 50 villages from Taluka salesette were withdrawn and independent Bandra Mahal was created.
  • In the year 1920 the salesette Taluka was divided into two part known as South Salesette Taluka and North Salesette Taluka. Basically salesette taluka consisted of 84 villages which were situated from Bandra to Dahisar and kurla to Mulund. Thereafter in the year 1920 the Mumbai Suburban District was created consisting of 84 villages of South Salesette Taluka and North Salesette Taluka.
  • At that time some villages from Thane District were withdrawn and included in Mumbai Suburban District and South Salesette Taluka was converted in to Andheri Taluka. In the year 1962 some villages from Borivali Taluka and some villages from North Salesette Taluka were withdrawn and two separate Taluka known as Andheri and Kurla were created.
  • Since then in Mumbai Suburban District consists of three Talukas namely Andheri, Borivali and Kurla and thus there are 87 villages in the Mumbai Suburban District. This District came in force w.e.f. in 1st December 1940.
  • It is seen from old records that in the year 1942 the independent post of District Collector was temporarily created for then Bombay Suburban District now known as Mumbai Suburban District however the said post was discontinued and all administrative control was given to Collector. Bombay city in view of this the post of Collector of Bombay City was designed as Collector Bombay City and Suburban.
  • There after taking into consideration of the work load the post of Additional Collector Bombay Suburban District was created in the year 1958 and entire administrative of Bombay Suburban District was full fledged handed over to Additional Collector Suburban District. However overall supervision was kept with the Collector of Bombay City.
  • During this period the seat of Additional Collector, Mumbai Suburban District at Old Custom House. Colaba Harbor later it was shifted to Suburban area at the same time suburb was recognised as district came in to force w.e.f. 1/10/1990. In the name Bombay Suburban District now know as Mumbai Suburban District.