Land Records

City Survey and Property Registration Card : 

The City Survey of Mumbai Suburban District has been carried out during the period 1963-67. The City Survey Record is prepared for all the villages in Mumbai Suburban District. The City Survey record for each individual parcel of land has been created and given a particular number which is known as City Survey number. A property card for each City Survey number is also prepared.

The names of the Holders are only incorporated if the property is non-agricultural. If the property is agricultural, only tenure is mentioned as agricultural in P.R.C. When the property is converted to N.A. the holder name can be incorporated in the P.R. card after producing necessary documents by the Applicant (Property Holder), N.A. measurement of Plot and following due procedure for the same.The maps of City Survey are prepared in 1:500 scale.

City Survey Offices and their Jurisdiction :

In Mumbai Suburban District, there are three Talukas viz. Kurla, Andheri and Borivali. Total 86 villages are in Mumbai Suburban District. City Survey of these 86 villages were done by 10 city survey offices. The Jurisdiction of Each City Survey Office is as given below:

Taluka Kurla:

CTSO Mulund:

Kopari, Kanjur, Tirandaj, Nahur, Pawai, Paspoli, Bhandup, Mulund

CTSO Ghatkopar:

Asalpha, Kirol, Ghatkopar, Ghatkopar-Kirol, Chandivali, Tungao,  Deonar,  Vikroli, Hariyali

CTSO Chembur:

Anik, Chembur, Turbhe, Borla, Mankhurd, Maravali, Mandale, Vadhavali, Mahul

CTSO Kurla:

Kurla, Mohili, Saki

Taluka Andheri:

CTSO Andheri:

Andheri, Ismalia, Ambivali, Bandivali, Madh, Majas, Mogara, Versova, Oshivara.

CTSO Bandra:

Bandra, Parighakhar, Kole-Kalyan

CTSO Vile-Parle:

Vile-Parle, Gundavali, Kondivata, Bapnala, Chakala, Juhu, Bramhanwada, Parjapur, Marol, Mulgaon, Vyarvali,Sahar

Taluka Borivali:

CTSO Borivali:

Borivali, Kandivali, Eksar, Dahisar, Gorai, Manori, Magathane, Mandpeshvar, Shimpoli, Charkop, Kanheri

CTSO Goregaon:

Aksa, Akurli, Erangal, Daravali, Pahari-Eksar, Pahari-Goregaon, Poisar, Malavani, Marve, Valanai, Wadhavan

CTSO Malad:

Aarey, Kurar, Klerabad, Goregaon, Gundgaon, Chichavali, Tulsi, Dindoshi, Sai, Malad.

Along with the above CTSO’s there is an independent Office of the Taluka Inspector of Land Records, Mumbai Suburban District. The Superintendent of Land Records is the controlling authority of all the CTSO’s and the Taluka Inspector of Land Records.

Office Procedure and Functions :

The Superintendent of Land Record is the controlling authority of all City Survey Offices. The Superintendent of Land Record Office carry out following functions:

  1. Administrative/Executive:

    1. Supervisory and controlling authority of all City Survey Officers.
    2. The Superintendent of Land Records is an adviser to the Collector in all matters connected with land records, measurement work and the Maintenance of record of rights.
    3. Co-ordinating authority between the Collector/ Dy. Director and CTSO’s
  2. Technical:

    Proposals pertaining to boundary correction, area correction etc., are being submitted to the Collector with his due advisory remarks. Also he issue certified copies of property card – Area in words as per the applicant’s application by verification of the original records. Also he directs the City Survey Officers to issue copies of original records such as inquiry register, original sheets, on the application of the applicant.

There are Ten City Survey Officers in Mumbai Suburban District. They have to perform the following functions in their respective jurisdiction.

  1. Administrative/Executive: 

    City Survey Officer is the Head of Office and D.D.O. He has to perform day-to-day establishment work, draw pay and allowance of staff and implement all the orders passed by higher authorities viz. The Collector and The Superintendent of Land Record.

  2. Technical :

    1.  Maintenance of land records and record of rights
    2. Carry out different types of measurement work.
    3. Transfer of ownership rights.
    4. Issue certified copies of public documents of land records.
    5. Implementation of town planning scheme.
    6. Detection of encroachments on Govt. Land.
    7. Detection of change of use and unauthorised N.A. use.
    8. Updating of V.F.II.
    9. By way of review with the assistance of Maintenance Surveyor has to inspect the properties and update the record by recording the changes in map.(Sub-division, Road Widening, New Buildings, Utility Services.)
    10. Submits the report relating to any land matter, (Govt. Land / Pvt. Land) as required by higher authorities.

Issue of certified copies of Land Records :

Certified copies of PRC, City Survey Map, Sheet, Abstract enquiry register, Orders etc, are issued by the signature of concern City Survey Officer on the application made by the applicant and after depositing prescribed coping charges.